The Company provides a comprehensive range of value added products and services that are specifically catered to our target market and business associates. These services include:-

Actuarial Services

All retirement schemes require the services of an actuary. With meaningful collaborations with reputable actuarial rms, Fairlife offers these services to her clients with the comfort and accessibility required.

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Beneficiary Fund Services

The Company has sponsored the establishment of a Beneciary Fund through which it provides beneciary administration services; this is the core business of the Fairlife Brand.

The Beneciary Fund will in turn invest these Benefits through reputable investment managers in a conservative manner to ensure that no losses (capital retention) are incurred and that these Benefits see dependents through school and tertiary education. The Beneciary Fund then makes monthly, quarterly and adhoc payments to the guardian or a service provider, in terms of the results of a financial analysis of the beneciary.

All beneciaries of the Fund have a funeral cover of up to (E10,000.00) until they terminate membership in the Fund; when they reach majority age, have nished school or when their assets with the fund are depleted.

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Investigation and Tracing

This service was designed for Retirement Funds in respect of deceased members, but it has also been extended to insurance companies (unclaimed policy benefits) and financial institutions (inactive accounts). In respect to deceased Retirement Fund members, the process involves an in depth investigation to ascertain the late member’s dependents and nominees. The process entails identifying potential recipients whilst at the same time assessing the nancial, emotional and physical circumstances of each beneciary.

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Following the investigation, a comprehensive report is provided to the Trustees to assist them in making informed decisions with regards to the distribution of death Benefits interms of Section 33 of the Retirement Funds Act.

Life Policy Cession

Fairlife enables Life Policy Holders to protect their minor beneficiaries against consequences of greed, family feuds and mismanagement of lump sum pay-outs. This is achieved through ceding the policy to the Company to administer on behalf of the minor through proper investment of funds, meeting educational and other needs as a priority until completion and/or attaining majority status at which point they may access funds.

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Trustee Services

We offer independent Trustee Training to the industry and can be appointed as an independent Trustee or principal Officer of various Retirement Funds through the capacity in the employ of the organization.

This assists Funds to minimize organizational politics which in turn affect the decision making of the Board of Trustees.


Escrow Agency

The provision of escrow services is another opportunity that the company has identied as an area that is not available in the country. This service can be used by any two parties to ensure that an agreement is executed and a transaction concluded upon the satisfaction of certain agreed terms. Fairlife will ensure that these escrows are executed accordingly in terms of the mutual agreement.

Insurance Agency

The provision of insurance policies to our clients has also been a very pivotal area that can assist the clients to have something for the dependants in the future. Collaborations with locally registered insurers will enable Fairlife to be of that assistance.

Preservation Fund

The Company has identied the need for this service in the jurisdiction. Members of Retirement Funds tend to change jobs frequently nowadays, in the process, their retirement benefits become available for immediate use thereby reducing benefit proceeds at retirement stage, when most needed.

A Preservation Fund then ensures that when a member changes employment, at least two-thirds of the Benefit is preserved for retirement.

Retirement Umbrella Fund

There are organizations that have few employees and as a result, it becomes very expensive to have a stand-alone retirement fund scheme. To assist those organizations to be able to have a retirement Benefit, this umbrella fund will ensure that this is possible as they would share the costs of setting up with other small funds.

Wills And Testimonial Custodians

The drafting of Wills in the country has not been taken seriously by most citizens. The complications that come to the fore when an individual passes away has brought the need for this to be taken seriously. Even though the Retirement Funds Act covers this for retirement funds Benefits, people have other sources of income that can get families into uncomfortable positions. At Fairlife, we want to sensitize people of the need for this and ensure that these documents are safely guarded.